Formulation development is not our extended service, but our core competency!
Preclinical Formulations

We offer wide variety of formulation and analytical services for your preclinical formulation needs, including:

  • Preformulation studies
  • Powder/Liquid in bottle/capsule
  • Technical solutions for solubility and permeability challenges
  • Stability studies and technical solutions for stability issues
  • Scalable prototype formulations for DMPK/Tox/Efficacy studies
  • IND-enabling custom formulations
Clinical Formulations

We support design, development and scale-up of your clinical dosage form needs, including:

  • Solutions / Suspensions / Emulsions
  • Oral Powders and Granules, for Solution/Suspension
  • Capsules (IR / DR / ER), Liquid Filled Capsules
  • Tablets – IR, DR, ER, Chewable, Effervescent, For Solution, For Suspension, Orally disintegrating
  • Semisolids – Gels, Creams, etc.
Life Cycle Management

With our in-depth expertise in drug delivery area, we support design and development of customized formulations with claims leading to:

  • Pediatric use
  • Release rate & PK modification
  • New dosage form
  • New route of administration
  • Fixed dose combinations
  • IP Enrichment
Drug-Device Combination Products

With our formulation expertise, we offer:

  • Formulation development
  • Pharmaceutical characterization
  • Compatibility/Interaction Studies
  • Assay/Content/Related Substances
  • Drug Release Rate/Kinetics
  • Stability studies

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