Design and Development of
Customized Formulations & Drug Delivery Systems

We specialize in customized formulation solutions to address each drug's unique physicochemical, biopharmaceutical, IP and regulatory challenges.

“Formulation Development is our Core Competency!”

About ReechPharma

We are a formulation development company located in San Francisco Bay Area, and have been supporting Pharma/biopharma companies with their discovery, preclinical, clinical and life cycle management products.

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"The overall likelihood of approval (LOA) from Phase I for all developmental candidates was 9.6%"

- Clinical Development Success Rates 2006-2015; BIO Industry Analysis; June 2016.
- Poorly formulated drugs will affect safety and efficacy, and hence their clinical success -
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Over 60 years of our combined experience in drug product development

Oral Solid Dosage forms
Semi-solid Formulations
Lipid Formulations
Solubility Enhancement
Permeability Enhancement
Release rate & PK modification
Drug Delivery Systems
IP Enrichment
Proof-of-Concept Formulations
Transdermal / Topical Systems
Ocular Delivery Systems
Transnasal Delivery Systems
Sublingual / Buccal Systems
Oral ER / Site-specific Systems
Gastroretentive Formulations