Formulation development is not our extended service, but our core competency!
Preclinical Formulations

ReechPharma offers wide variety of formulation and analytical services for all your preclinical formulation studies during your preclinical studies and preclinical development, including:

  • Preformulation studies
  • Powder/Liquid in bottle/capsule
  • Technical solutions for solubility and permeability challenges
  • Stability studies and technical solutions for stability issues
  • Scalable prototype formulations for DMPK/Tox/Efficacy studies
  • IND-enabling custom formulation development
Clinical Formulations

At ReechPharma, we understand the challenges and the dynamic timelines of clinical formulation development and the formulation and development challenges in formulating a clinical dosage form. We leverage our 60+ years knowledge of formulation research and development in formulation design, development and scale-up for your clinical formulation development needs, including custom pharmaceutical formulation development of:

  • Capsules in various forms like Immediate Release, Delayed Release, Extended Release, Liquid Filled Capsules, etc.
  • Tablets in various forms like such as Immediate Release, Delayed Release, Extended Release, Chewable, Effervescent, Tablets for Solution, Tablets for Suspension, Orally disintegrating tablets formulation development, etc.
  • Oral Powders and Granules for Solution/Suspension
  • Liquid dosage forms such as Solutions, Suspensions, Emulsions, etc.
  • Semisolid dosage forms such as Gels, Creams, etc.
  • Novel Drug Delivery Systems.
Life Cycle Management

At ReechPharma, with our in-depth knowledge in clinical case formulation development, formulation research and development of drug delivery systems combined with up-to-date FDA regulations application expertise, we support our customers in their design of formulation and development of customized formulations with claims leading to:

  • Paediatric use
  • Release rate & PK modification of drugs
  • New dosage form
  • New route of administration
  • Fixed dose combination/li>
  • Novel Drug Delivery Systems
Drug-Device Combination Products

At ReechPharma, with our in-depth knowledge of formulation and development in drug delivery systems, custom formulation development and up to date knowledge on FDA and other global regulatory requirements, we offer:

  • Pharmaceutical formulation development for drug-device combination products
  • Pharmaceutical characterization:
  • Compatibility/Interaction Studies
  • Assay/Content/Related Substances etc.
  • Drug Release Rate/Kinetics
  • Stability studies as per ICH Conditions
Reech Expert Connect

At ReechPharma, we connect Biopharma Companies with Pharmaceutical Experts, No Fees, No Agreements! Just a Good-Will Gesture!! We are connected to pharmaceutical experts / consultants with several years of experience in:

  • Lead Candidate Selection
  • Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics
  • Early Stage Clinical Development
  • Late Stage Drug Product Development
  • Preformulation & Characterization
  • Analytical Development & Validation
  • Multimedia Dissolution Development
  • Resolving RS Challenges
  • Setting Target Product Profiles (TPPs)
  • Technology Transfer
  • BE Studies Protocol Review & Monitoring - Cosmeceuticals & Personal Care
  • Scale Up & Commercial Manufacturing
  • Quality Control/Assurance
  • Supplier Quality Audits & CRO/CMO/CDMO Management
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • GMP Audits to Drug Substance & Drug Product Facilities
  • Patent Non-Infringing Formulation Strategies
  • Intellectual Property, IP Strategy Planning
  • Gap Analysis - Solid Orals, Topicals, Parenteral, Inhalation, Transdermal including Microneedles
  • IND/CTA/NDA submissions - FDA Communications
  • Design & Setup of R&D and GMP Facilities
  • Supply chain Management & Administration

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